Although designed to fit any sheep skin boot they also fit cowboy boots due to the adjustable lace up system.

Wubbz are fully lined and made from a variety of quality fabrics and leather, embellished with real leather trim, Swarovski crystals, nail heads, rivits, conchos and crosses.

The options for Wubbz are endless, limited only by my imagination or yours.

We produce a wide variety of styles but we are also open to your own custom design.

We would like to help you achieve the one of a kind design you are looking for.

Remember, if you don’t see the wings logo,
you are NOT getting the ORIGINAL Wubbz.

Slight variations in fabric due to availability and/or different runs of fabric.

DO NOT MACHINE WASH.  Hand wash ONLY or spot wash with a mild detergent and air dry.



  • Our designs capture a flare for fashion while imparting a sense of fun for even the most daring customer!

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